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Expectations And The Reality Of: Farmers Migration Of Urban Living Conditions - Based On 463 Questionnaires For Analysis

Posted on:2003-09-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:N WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360092970791Subject:Agricultural economic management
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In recent years, the accelerating advance in urbanization has become the most primary characteristic of the economic and social change in China; the urbanization of our country is entering the new seedtime. In the previous half part of this century, it is the time to innovate the related systems, in order to let the farmers get the rights of freedom's migration, the peasant households who have already entered the city & town win the equal social status; and attract rural dwellers take leave their farmer identity from generation to generation, formally confirm their social identity conform to their occupation, then they move into the town on a large scale, which will become one of the most important affairs in Chinese social variance. Under this background, the thesis sets out the view from the expectation and actuality, uses the method of statistically analyzing and theoretically validating the questionnaire to study the peasant households' migratory motive and living condition in town, and researches the possibility, necessity and practicality of they become formal townspeople. The main contents are as fallows:Part one: Introduce the research's significance, contents, method and the overview of the related theories intents to pave the way for the next analysis.Part two: Study the condition of farmers move form country to city & town. First of all, introduce the history and the statue of migration in our country, then analyze the farmer's will, motive and condition relate to migration.Part three: According to the peasant households' ego evaluation, contrast their living condition in town with their rural life and originally townspeople's life.Part four: Analyze the farmers' employment and the income condition after they have entered the city & town, and validate them in term of the related theories.Part five: Study the farmers' several basic living conditions after they have entered the city & town. Aim at a few problems that the resident's daily life most worry about, this part analyses the four aspects: the daily expend, the housing, the social security and the children enter school.Part six: Some typical cases are presented. Select four typical cases to validate and reinforce the analytic contents on the different sides.Part seven: The closing lines of the thesis. In the end, the thesis reaches some conclusions, and puts forward some recommendation policies and suggestions of one's own.
Keywords/Search Tags:Peasant household, Urbanization, Migrate, Living condition
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