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Road Traffic Capacity For Sustainable Development And Evaluation Studies

Posted on:2003-10-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z M LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360095957448Subject:Transportation planning and management
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The Concept of sustainable development is derived from increasing concerns and attention about environment protection. The content of sustainable development consists of two parts of sustainability and development. The theme of sustainable development is to secure the ability of satisfying people's current demands under the condition of not decreasing the ability of offspring to satisfy their own demands. It also excludes any entrenchment on any nation's dominion. It means to sustain and solid the foundation of natural resources and take account of environment issues into social and economic planning and policies.At first, by analyzing the relationship between sustainable transport development and sustainable social development, the paper addressed great importance of sustainable transport development for promoting the sustainable social development, and clarified the inconcinnity of traditional mode of transport in terms of energy consumption, land uses, environmental pollution, bionomical impacts and safe transportation. The paper clearly focused on the contents the sustainable transport development should include, and precisely indicated the implication of sustainable transport development.Secondly, the paper set out the methodology and basic principals for evaluating the sustainable transport development in accordance with the implications of sustainable transport development. The paper aimed at researching the index systems, methodology, and modes of sustainable road transport development evaluation, and established the mathematic modes with several practical indexes such as transport concinnity, road transport resource saving, road environmental and bionomical protection indexes, with which the sustainable development statuses of road development in China are able to individually or comprehensively evaluated.Furthermore, this paper analyzed availability of input data needed for, and evaluated the sustainable development status of road transport industries in China with relative data and information collected.Finally, strategic recommendations and suggestions on China sustainable road transport development were addressed.
Keywords/Search Tags:Highway Transportation, Sustainable Development, Benchmarking System, Evaluation
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