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On The Reform Of Large State-owned Building Modern Enterprise System

Posted on:2004-01-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:D B YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360122471946Subject:World economy
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Since the reform and opening up in china, architectural enterprises including collective and private enterprises have made great development,but to date state-owned enterprises have achieved little progress,particularly the large scale architectural state-owned enterprises.The author consider state-owned enterprises have not solved well a lot of puzzled problems in long time ,such as confusing the duty between government and enterprise, self-determination power unfulfilled and low-grade economic profit.The main reason is most reforms only limited interior improvement without the previous mechanism broken through,changing traditional enterprise mechanism itself and innovating the enterprise system .As President Jiang Zemin propose that establishing modern enterprise system is the direction of state-owned enterprises at present in the fifteenth congress report.According to the cardinal principle-property right clear ,power and duty definite, separating duty between government and enterprise and scientific administration, the large scale state-owned enterprises must be transformed into canonical company enterprises and made enterprises adjusting market needs as corporate entity and competitive subject.Therefore, establishing modern enterprise system is essence ,approach and goal of the reform in architectural state-owned enterprises.The contents include five parts.The first part discuss problem and strategy -the reform of modern enterprise system is a fundamental path for large scale state-owned architectural enterprises. The second part discuss theory and basis-the modern enterprise system is an innovatory form of the enterprise system. The third part discuss reform and mechanism - modern architectural enterprise should put emphasis on transforming management mechanism.The fourth part discuss innovation and practice-case analysis on the reform of modern enterprise system in large scale state-owned architectural enterprises.The fifth part discuss perfection and development- deepening and developing the reform of modern enterprise system in large scale state-owned architectural enterprises.As to the studying method of this thesis.first use the comparative method to ascend the three reforming courses of large scale state-owned enterprises-giving out right and giving away profit,profit transforming into tax and contract system et al. Through comparing the three courses , author consider that establishing modern enterprise system and performing stock system is the fundamental outlet of large-scale architectural state-owned enterprises.By the comparision between contract and stock system.state the main reform of modern enterprise system should transform management mechanism.Secondly, analyse some cases which come from Peking head Municipal company and subordinate enterprises, state the reform of modern enterprise system should innovate .practise , deepen and perfect progressively in large scale architectural state-owned enterprises.At last,the article indicate decreasing the ratio of national stock is key,perfecting corporate managing structure is core,pushing scientific management mode is target,achieving standing development of company system is tenet for the reform of moderrn enterprise system in large scale state-owned architectural enterprise.
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