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The Interdisciplinary Research Of Electronic Approval Platform Restructuring And Management Mechanism

Posted on:2017-09-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2336330509961092Subject:Public administration
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The administrative examination and approval of Guangdong Province industry and informatization project in relation to the state control allocation of resources flow, clings to the province’s various industries, enterprises of different sizes of the lifeblood of the development, the reform of the administrative examination and approval innovation task arduous and important. Electronic approval for the world recognized promote effective means to the reform of the administrative examination and approval, has been integrated into the construction of electronic examination and approval of the project, and have made certain progress, but by the effects of a variety of complex factors, exposes many disadvantages in practice, has constituted the main obstacle to the depth of the development of the electronic examination and approval of construction. This paper argues that, to reduce or eliminate the barriers, the restructuring of the electronic approval system and equipped with the corresponding management mechanism, should be a realistic choice of feasibility.This paper in theory on the reform of the administrative examination and approval system oriented, to provide E-government theory method as the main means, on the administrative law theory as the basis to construct a three-dimensional theoretical research system and for the research of the thesis provide theoretical guide and support. Through the existing in the construction of the project examination and approval of electronic process complicated miscellaneous, network partition management, imbalance in the allocation of equipment, security risks and other main problems analysis perspective that ignore the reform of the administrative examination and approval process, approval of the Internet, rational allocation of equipment, safety management, the main influence factor is the electronic approval behind the main pathogenic. In order to solve these problems, restructuring the electronic project examination and approval Platform mainly from four aspects breakthrough: one is the introduction of a joint meeting system, the rebuilding of the examination and approval of electronic collaboration mechanism to improve the organization coordination performance; second is using electronic approval in parallel and in series to combine methods, reshape the electronic approval process, forming seamless approval "pipeline", lay the foundation for the realization of the examination and approval of the "one-stop" services; three is the use of simple star network structure, eliminate approval "network island", bypassing the examination and approval department for internal heterogeneous networks and interconnection is unable to be the main problem, change original mutual independent approval network framework, network approval form " integration " of the Internet, for the realization of the examination and approval of the " one-stop " services provided or bridge; fourth, the use of multimedia database method, reconstruction of electronic approval document in the archives management and improve the electronic approval of archival utilization efficiency and effectiveness. In order to protect the electronic approval system restructuring and conventional sustained and stable operation, need for approval of electronic legal system top design, local electronic approval management arrangements, and the project itself electronic examination and approval services necessary inputs.
Keywords/Search Tags:The reform of administrative examination and approval, electronic approval plaform, administrative examinaton and approval process reengineering, approval network interconnection
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