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Local Government Administrative Approval Services Satisfaction Research

Posted on:2011-07-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y C WuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166330338482839Subject:Administrative Management
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In a pluralistic society benefit pattern condition, in democracy and the rule of law ideas increasingly pervasive era, in citizen self-consciousness awakening of social environment ceaselessly, build a in order to safeguard the public interests and promote the development for the purpose to service-oriented government has become citizens of the common desire. At the same time, how to improve the government's public service agency service satisfaction became public management face new tasks, especially in the financial crisis, governments under the impact of financial budget will have different degrees of shrink, in social resources are limited, under the precondition of realizing with limited resource to meet the social public diversified public demand, which is a very real problem. How to use limited social resources providing society with high quality, efficient, rich, convenient public service for has become the world's governments facing common topic.Local government as a specific administrative areas of government management subject to the society, shouldered have provide high quality, efficiency, and rich, convenient to the administrative examination and approval services duties, local government at all levels should fulfill their own administrative approval services function, improve the service level of administrative examination and approval, satisfies the general public administrative approval services growing demand. However, due to the influence of various factors, the local governments in China's administrative approval services satisfaction generally is not high, resulting in the populace to government administrative examination and approval organization many have complain. This paper summarizes analyzing the domestic and foreign scholar's research advances in improving administrative approval services satisfaction process we often encounter problems. On this basis, this study using literature analysis method to enumerate the causes of administrative approval services satisfaction underperforming parameters, combined with research objects and questionnaire survey results systematically analyzing the cause of local government administrative approval services satisfaction is not the main reasons. Finally, combined the questionnaire data statistics results and data analysis,this study puts forward improving local government administrative approval services satisfaction of relevant countermeasures.We can say, the new period of the local government administrative approval services satisfaction research, are not only beneficial to improve the government's public service level, also be helpful for promoting the construction of service-type government.
Keywords/Search Tags:Administrative Examination and Approval, Service Satisfaction, Service Administration, Electronic Administrative Examination and Approval, Interest coordination
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