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Xi'an Economic And Technological Development Zone "second Pioneering The Development Of Strategic Research

Posted on:2005-10-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206360122981369Subject:Marxist theory and ideological and political education
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During the process of our national socialism construction, it is most important stratagem act to set up special economy zone and economy and technology development zone, the theories of special zone and development zone also are the parts of Deng Xiaoping' theory. State Department authorize coming into existence the economy technology development zone in the 18 years ago, it was considered as the special experimentation zone and pioneer soldier, it has been became a most active and important growth point with the local city developing., and became a innovation point of technology and manage, and become a modernization city symbolize. In 1993 , Xi 'an Economic and Technical development Zone was established, and groped for a road to develope the backland development zone by whole opening to inner and outer orientation, In Xi'an , it has been became a extraversion modern industrial garden and a modern garden city. At the same time, development zone economy increase by 30% rate each year, and promote the Xi'an economy growth 1-2%., and contribute to whole city economy development. New century has come in, Xi 'an Economic and Technical development Zone is confronting with the new opportunity and challenge, therefore , they put forward to bring into effect the policy of second carve out. According to summarize the experience and lesson from first carve our, they extend more external opening, and entirely integrate the international tradition, and explore more new pattern , and promote the industry structure optimize upgrade, and deepen system innovation, and exert demonstration and radiation function.In this paper, through analyzing the environment and condition of the Xi'an economic and technical empolder zone actualize the second carve out base on achievement and experience of the first, and according to the function and orientation, whole ideal and develop goal of emploder zone's "second carve out", in main industry, attract investment and endowment, the third industry, movement of fund, innovation of system and so on, from this six keystone side we analyzed and studied actuality of exploder zone, the exist matte and develop static of the "second moment", in lead industry bring into play compare predominance, and chose the weightily process assemble industry and new technology industry as two lead industry, pop out the feature, optimize structure ,assemble produce factor in and over sea furthest, improve the colligate competed power of exploder zone's production; on programming and build, strengthen the consciousness of "programming first", layout vacuum structure and position structure and environment in reason, form a modernized city visualize vacuum with brilliance area visualize, the better environment, speedup the course of citizition; on attract investment and endowment ,improve the investment environment, innovation attract business mechanism, exert oneself creating item , fund and person with ability and serving four flat roof , promote the development of attract businessmen and fund ,from all direction ,band domain ,big depth ,more administrative levels, high quality.For the Third Industry oriented by the marking, industrialization and socialization to speeding up the Third Industry in the development zone in order to achieve the relevant service establishment modernization, business marking , andmanagement information to large range increase compositive service of industrial park. For the management of capital, the financing policy and mode will be different as the different capital source and financing mode to build versatility new investment and financing system. For system innovation, designing and constructing development needed microeconomic system, curing out and hatching system, investment and financing system, social agency service system, administration and management system and sustaining service system. Based on the research of these tactics, hoping can give some reference viewpoint and opinion to the second carve out successfully put in practice and successfully get the target of x...
Keywords/Search Tags:xi'an, economy and technique development zone, second curve out development tactic, industrial structure, programming distribution attract inventor and financing, capital operation, system innovation
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