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The Coordinated Development Of Industrial Economy And Environment:An Econometric Analysis In China

Posted on:2001-09-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360002450670Subject:Quantitative Economics
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It is twenty years that enforcing the reform and openness policy in China. The entire world admires the rapid economic development of Chinese. But when enjoying the gains of the economic development, we have to meet with the environmental pollution and resources shorting following the rapid economic growth. We all try our best prompting the coordinated development of economic and environment, in order to fulfill the sustainable development in China. Especially, the industrial economy is the most important motive of the whole national economic development, and the problem of environment pollution following the industrial rapid growth is also the main resources of the environmental problem in China. This paper takes the coordinated development of industry economy and environment as empirical analysis objective and put forward the measurements to measure and evaluate the coordinated development of economy and environment in order to help the government to make relevant decisions. This paper is made up of five parts and the main content is as follows: The first part introduces the problem that exists in the coordinated development of industry economy and environment. The second part combines with the proceeding of the theory of sustainable development in and out our country, and puts forward this paper measurements Environment-Economy System and New Environmental Kuznets Curves theoretical model (EKC-III), then analyzes the problem that exists in the coordinated development of industry economy and environment under the Environment-Economy system. The third part discusses the relevant researches on the indicators of sustainable development in and out our country, and combining with the Environment-Economy system puts forward the Extended Pressure-Statement-Reflection model and sets up the industrially environmental indicators of sustainable development in China, then describes the condition of industrially environmental sustainable development from * was sponsored by the National Nature Science Foundation of China (approved No:79770034) 5 1994 to 1996 in China.The fodri pan combines with the industrially envirOnmental indicators ofsuMable development in China, econometric anayZes the coordinatd develoPmenof industrial economy and envirOnment in China, esPecially fOrecasts the industriemissions from l998 to 2002, Sensitivity analysis on the industrial econondc growhis also performed. Then thes paPer evaluates the coordinatd deVeloPInen of induStryeconomy and environmed by thereof new EllVironmental KUZnets Curve theoreticalmodel.The finally part puts forwar some suggestions on making economic policy so asto SUStain the industrially econondc growth and protect the environment at the saxnetime.
Keywords/Search Tags:Industrial economy, coordinated development, Econometric, analysis indicators of sustainable developmen, Environment-Economy system, Environmental Kuznets Curve theoretical model
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