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Us-soviet Strategic Oil On The Impact Of The Collapse Of The Soviet Union

Posted on:2005-08-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X L LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360122981464Subject:Marxist theory and ideological and political education
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The disintegrates of Soviet Union to be a great issues of the history of 20th century which shook the whole world and exerted a serious setback and a extremely far-reaching influence to socialism movements around the world. The reason why the Soviet Union disintegrates is a question that the academia talks about and study relatively more.Foreign scholars view like: In cold war times, the Soviet Union competed with the west and American and failed, lost the people's trust. The Soviet Union's policy instead in the West and American; It is Gorbachev and Yeltsin that messed up the Soviet Union; Communist Party was abandoned by the stratum of bureaucrat of the Russian inner-party; It is the Soviet Union that stand the country of elites of dominant position shook the foundations of system of the Soviet Union .Someone of Chinese academia lays particular emphasis on and looks for the reason from Russian mode; Someone emphasizes the function of the individual of Gorbachev; Someone thinks that it is the socialist construction of the Soviet Union that is deviated from National conditions; and others think that it is the economic construction that was done not well...etc.At present, or at home, the problem is that the function that petroleum strategy plays in the former Soviet Union disintegrates underestimates no matter abroad. There is still no special research on the influence that petroleum strategy disintegrates to the Soviet Union; It gets in touch with the petroleum of China supply and demand trend how to assimilate the influence of experience and lessons in this aspect who the Soviet Union disintegrate petroleum.Mow to tackle Middle East petroleum, containment tactics of U.S.A., there is still no special argumentation in this aspect.The text is divided into three parts . The first part divides the Soviet Union's course of more than 70 years into four stages :that is " the October Revolution" to pre-" World War II"s ' period, World War II"s ' period, "cold war periods" and Gorbachev period in" World War II"s. Each period, purposes of petroleum strategy are not all the same, in the same period, because situations are different, function with strategy is different; because leaders are different, Petroleums strategy and policy taken are different to some extent too;because leaders are different, the petroleum strategy and policy taken id adjusted to some extent tooThe second part analyses and researches outside influencing and inside function to the petroleum strategy of the Soviet Union when done.The capitalism of treating of Russian leader's long-term dogma . then the antithesis that will pay attention to machinery stands up , Expanding everywhere, contend for hegemony with U.S.A., the major theme which formed its own petroleum strategy in more than 70 years exists in the Soviet Union.Although,the Soviet Union has achieved its own goal partly, enormous and abundant petroleum resources consume with the strength of one country goes on the road to contend with the whole capitalist world, it exhausts national power .It becomes an important reason that the Soviet Union Communist Party and the Soviet Union socialism finally abandoned by the people-,U.S.A. contains the global expansionism of the Soviet Union in order to consolidate its hegemony position, to implement the petroleum which is directed against the Soviet Union, especially in the 1980s during Reagan government was in power , The petroleum strategy of U.S.A. has accelerated the decline in the Soviet Union. American petroleum strategy could depend on by which the Soviet Union breed petroleum a strategy one is correct or not, Depend on whether its guiding theory is correct, after all.The petroleum strategic question of China is still a new concept and a question for discussion. As the degree of dependence to foreign to petroleum strengthens constantly. The safety of the petroleum of China is influence the national sustainable development and peace directly. In petroleums impacts on China in Middle Easts is the most important things. China fac...
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