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Ldp Factors, Japan's Foreign Policy-making Process

Posted on:2005-07-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Liberal-Democratic Party has manipulated Japanese political stage for over 40 years. LDP has participated in and dominated nearly all the post-war foreign policies. This paper attempts to combine the approaches of historical evidencing and logic analysis, examine the links between the LDP and Japanese foreign policies and study the modes of LDP involvement and influence on foreign policies.In Chapter One, the paper introduces the Japanese political system and foreign policy-making, through which it summarizes the mode of the foreign policy-making and its features.Chapter Two is devoted to the analysis of LDP involvement in decision-making. It explores the motives of the LDP, its functions and means and deliberation as an administrating party.Chapter Three studies the role of and new modes of involvement by the LDP in the Japanese foreign policy-making towards China. A prediction of its prospect is offered as well. The paper emphasizes in the Conclusion that China needs to minimize the adverse factors of the LDP in Japanese policy-making towards China based on the peaceful rise and a holistic consideration of the Sino-Japan relations.
Keywords/Search Tags:Japanese foreign policy-making, LDP, decision-making toward China, Sino-Japan relations
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