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Regional Advantage On The Strategic Choice Of China's Participation In Regional International Economic Cooperation

Posted on:2005-01-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206360125451361Subject:Business management
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Today Asia regional economic cooperation becomes vigorous and more, and more countries (or regions) begin to promote and expand mutual economic activity and trade when world economic development is characteristic of economy globalize and regional economic cooperation. International economic cooperation in the Great Mekong River Sub-region accelerates economic development of Yunnan Province in southwest China. It makes Yunnan firstly in the frontier of china's opening to oversea in state strategy.From Comparative Advantage to Competitive Advantage, development of regional advantage theory has passed a long way. The thesis divides regional advantage into some advantage factors including natural resource, labor force, capital, location, human resource, science& technology, policy and system. Meanwhile, in term of actual conditions in developing countries, the thesis points out that Competitive Advantage is still an important rule to guide developing countries to gain regional advantage now; the governments of developing countries play a core role in fostering regional advantage; developing countries must grasp chance and depend on actual conditions when they adopt Catch-up Strategy.According to actual conditions, the thesis finds out advantages of Yunnan in term of all kinds of factors that compose regional advantage and the Trade Competitiveness Index. Thereafter, the thesis regards economy development, employment increase, export expanse and resource obtain as four strategy aims. At the same time, the thesis puts forward that investment should become one of important cooperation ways besides international trade; some region or field with mature conditions may become prior cooperation objects; frontier trade with many patterns should be developed in full scale; infrastructure in the Great Mekong River Sub-region should be constructed rapidly; Yunnan should actively participate in hydro-resource development; tourism cooperation should be accelerated; agriculture and ecology cooperation should be begin; Yunnan should exert its superiority to promote human resource and education cooperation.
Keywords/Search Tags:regional advantage, the Great Mekong River Sub-region, Comparative Advantage, Competitive Advantage, Yunnan
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