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Analysis Of Electromechanical Products Export Advantage

Posted on:2003-06-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:G J YinFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360065450802Subject:International trade
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With the developing of the economy and trade of the world, the ratio of machinery product to the world trade is more and more large. The machinery product's exports of the development countries with new market-directed economy such as China keep fast growth, and they have many new points. The trade of the machinery product of China keeps ranking first in our foreign trade since the trade of the machinery product exceeded the trade of textile product in 1995. The ratio of the contribution of machinery product's export stays growth, the export of machinery product pushes the development of our economy and drives the elevation of our economy structure. Since the beginning point of our machinery product's export was low, many questions are brought out with the acceleration of our machinery product's export. We exports labor-intensive product which we have comparative advantages for a long time, because we looked comparative advantage theory as our export director. Then, we must decide our output through international market's demand, and don't decide international market's demand through our output .the competitiveness of labor intensive product with low technology and low additional value is dying down. Through the comparative of national capital productivity, national labor productivity, the international comparative of export of China America and Japan and the comparative labor productivity of China America Japan and Korean, we know that we have advantages in producing both electric equipment and machinery and electronic and telecommunications equipment. Through the analysis of the export competitive index, the occupational ratio in international market, the fixed ratio in the market, the dominant comparative advantage and diverging index and the export competitiveness of machinery product with high technology, we know that the export competitiveness of machinery product is uncompetitive. In order to promote the export of machinery product, we must transform the comparative advantage to competitive advantage. Finishing this transformation, we must divide it into three steps in order to establish the export's competitive advantage of machinery product. The first step is that developing the existing export's advantage of machinery product; the second step is thatiiestablishing the core competitive advantage; the third step is that establishing monopoly technologic competitive advantage. Finishing the translation from comparative advantage to competitive advantage, we must develop the macro-holding system.
Keywords/Search Tags:machinery product, comparative advantage, competitive advantage, counter-measures
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