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Ningxia Sand Lake Tourist Area Of ​​the Water Environment And Tourism Development Study

Posted on:2004-07-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y X ZhongFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360125952225Subject:Physical geography
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The tourism resource is the essential condition of the tour action and the main object of tourism development and the matter basis of tourism development . The environment condition of the tourism resource direct influence and restrict tourism development.According to the principle of theoretical research combined with case study , this paper , first .researches the theory and method of water environment of tourism with the tourism development are detailed .Second .using the theory and combing qualitative with quantitative , systematically evaluating the water environment of Sandlake tourism area Ningxia , the realationship of the condition of the water environment changing with the tourist changing is analyzed.Main content of the paper:(l)The source and development of research on the theory of the question of tourism resources was introduced systematically .especially emphasize on the theory of the coordination between man and land, sustainabledevelopment , ecological tourism .Furthermore .method of the water resources is established . (2)The general situation of the Sandlake tourism area Ningxia is introduced , including the geographical position , the condition of the natural resources ,the condition of environment. (3)The development condition and advantageous position and some question areanalyzed .especially the question of water environment.(4)Using the qualitative research , the condition of water environment inSandlake tourism area Ningxia is evaluated , selected 16 matter of pollutionis made Dinel examine .The index of water pollution with touris .changingare analyzed.(5)Basing analyzing the reason .the countermeaures are put forward to realizethe tourism sustainable development in Sandlake tourism are Ningxia. (6)Conclusion is made and problems to be settled are analyzed.
Keywords/Search Tags:Sustainable development, Tourism development, Sandlake tourism area Ningxia, condition of water environment, Ecological tourism
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