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The Formation And Development Trends Of China's Tourism Industry

Posted on:2002-09-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J H ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360032454825Subject:Political economy
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As a kind of economic activity of consuming products and service, how tourism developed in different periods? Did tourism exist in ancient times? What's the relationship between tourism and economics? Those issues are still blankness in the tourism field. Although in recent years, with the increase of experience and study in tourism, there are some new issues are appearing as well as old issues unsolved. But the review of Chinese tourism just purely focused on the culture and history, neglecting the value of economics. As a matter of fact, social economy is an attribute of tourism, which determines the extent and width of the other features of tourism. In 1927, Molnar,an Italian scholar published the book Teaching Materials of Economics of Tourism. It was the first time that people applied systematic study for tourism economics. The book held the view that tourism is economic phenomenon by nature, which ranges from the domestic tourism situation to tourism statistics.The modern tourism of China began with catering foreign tourists after the policy of Opening and reform. As the rapid development of international and domestic tourism, Chinese tourism has successfully transferred from "non-profit" to "enterprise-operating" model within 20 years. Tourism has been regarded as a noticeable new-pattern of industry which is highly profitable on a large scale. Meanwhile it has made great contributions to the Open-reform and Economy construction and social development. It is estimated that tourism will develop steadily and continuously as a promising industry all over the world. As the increasing profits of tourism, it is no doubt that tourism will become one of the pillar industries in national economy. Facing so large-scaled and promising industry, more and more countries recognize the importance of tourism, which have brought impingements, impacts, interests and significance for the future social economic prospect. Tourism economics has been a newly branch in economics research. However, people have little sense of the future of Chinese tourism. We should neither follow the western style completely nor develop only in our traditional circle. If we want to have a correct judgment and estimation toward tourism in China, we must have a good understanding about the evolution of tourism in China during different times. That's why I select the "Forming and Development Trend of Tourism in China".China is one of the origins of culture and civilization, which has enjoyed a long history in traveling and sightseeing. Simultaneously, tourism as one of economic phenomena and activities existed in social life at earlier time objectively. China is one of countries, which had inns at earliest time worldwide, and the business-oriented inn appeared at 11th B.C. in Xizhou dynasty. The facilities related to traveling emerged at earlier time such as transportation, accommodations, arts and crafts, and entertainments. It leads to the result that tourism in China is unalienable part of social life whenever in ancient or during 1840-1949 or in modern times.The sparkles of this paper include as follows: I. Researching the whole process of forming and developing of China tourism in macro and historical way with qualitive and quantitative analysis from the economics view. II. At macro-scale, comparison has been made vertically, between the past and the present; and horizontally, between China and other countries, particularly, I make a deep study about the reason why tourism development varies between eastern region and western region in China.The thesis is composed of four chapters.Chapter 1 provides a theoretical basis and reviews the budding ancient tourism in different aspects such as tourism demander and its features, and tourism suppler including inn and transportation and development of tourism resource. More importantly, a sufficient historical statistics and materials have been given to prove that tourism had existed in Tang and Song Dynasty in China. It is stressed on the economic and social and ideology reason why...
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