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Based On The Logistics Integration Of China's Imports Of Seaborne Iron Ore System Research

Posted on:2005-05-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360125961206Subject:Transportation planning and management
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With the revival of the ecnomics of the world, and China entered the WTO, the productivity of the steel enterprises of China has been increased gradually. So the transport volume of import iron ore has been increase, especially last year, the import volume increased a great lot. The transport of import iron ore is a systemtic techonolgy, the volume and transport fee both are very bulkiness. The import network of China is very complex, including ocean, offing and freshwater shipping, involving too many parameeters and many uncertained factors. If we viewed this question from integrated logistics, we would found there were many work to do to opimise this system and decrease the total cost.In this paper, the author optimised this complex system, mainly discussed the integrated logistics of bulk, analysis of theimported iron ore system of China, constructed the logistics network, modeled the logistics system, and used GA to analysis the model.Part one, expounded the conception of the integrated logistics of dry bulk, and procasted the logistics demand of China import iron ore. The research about integrated logistcs in containers are too many, author of this paper incorporated the integrate opinion with dry bulk (iron ore) . Analysized the logistics demand of China import iron ore of these years.Part two. Analysied the system of China import iron ore, and constructed the China import iron ore network. Assayed the volume of China import iron ore from different countries, and the main consumers' location. Synthesized the condrton of steel enterprises of China and the demand of import iron ore, applied the basic theory of network plan, devised the China import iron ore logistics network.Part three. Modeled the system based on the minimum cost of the system. Applied the MATLAB software, exerted GA to compute the model, and exanmined the consult. This consult will be useful to help the third part logistics company to improve the service efficiency, and help the steel company to bring down the logistics cost of import iron ore.
Keywords/Search Tags:import iron ore, integrated logistics, minimum cost, Genetic Algorithms
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