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Government And Social Relations Perspective, The Transformation Of Government Functions Are Analyzed

Posted on:2005-11-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206360125961417Subject:Marxist theory and ideological and political education
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In a certain sense, the relationship between government and society refers to the relation between government and citizens' society. The two parts aren' t only in contrast with each other, but united as one. Therefore, any view far away form such a relationship holds the opinions of "omnipotent government" or "anarchism" is partial and inappropriate. Obviously, a kind of cooperative relationship which is also named "humane management" should be built between government and society. In the background of "humane management" ,governmental functions are governments adaption to the social need and its providing servie for society.Serving society should be the cornerstone of governmental functions which can be divided into original functions and acquired functions. Changes occur in the latter mean changes in governmentalfunctions, which show that the government should adjust boundaries of its power to the charge in the relationship between government and society. Such changes may dearly be divided into two periods: before the reform and open policy took place, the relationship represented a situation of a strong government but a weak society; after it, government gradually began to return powers back to society which was on the way to relation independence and self-governance. Certainly such change will lead to the reorientation of functions between government and society and the philosophical contemplation on the model pattern of the relationship between government and society. A stronger government and a move powerful society should have the reasonable aspiration for the model pattern of relationship between transitional Chinese government and society. In order to fulfill such a model pattern, it is necessary to make wise analysis on the stumbling factors affecting the change of Chinese governmental functions and to take prudent consideration of such problems as reorientation of governmental functions, reorganization of governmental mechanism, separation of government and companies, socialization of govern mental functions. Finally, we cam establish a service lawful, democratic and high-efficient government.
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