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Evolution And Enlightenment Of The Western Countries' Governmental Functions

Posted on:2012-09-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The transformation of government functions in Western countries, the period from theCapitalist bud of Mercantilism strong government to freedom of the government protect thetype of capitalism.,from monopoly of the type of capitalism in the government to the newfreedom of the capitalist, had a long-term process .On the whole is a function from thepolitical regime in the economic and social management functions to the trend of publicservice function, and build into a few relatively fixed pattern of government functions, is"TheVigil Government","The Pulling Government","The Steer Government","The ServiceGovernment"and so on. Government functions of these patterns are historical and apply therationality of value.Since the reform and opening, our government and in transforming governmentfunctions of the reform has achieved important progress, exist many problems in need offurther. Especially in our society, from"The Survival type"to"The Development type"is thesecond transformation. For people's increasing public demand, our government functions stillfacing a difficult task of change and innovation. Based on the western countries thetransformation of government functions of the process of scientific analysis, thetransformation of government functions of our main direction is embodied in the followingaspects: A correct handling of the government and the market, the government and socialrelationship, the location of government functions; The second is to promote the constructionof The Service Government, functions the government really to Macro adjustment and Marketsupervision,Social management and Public service;Third, actively explore the government functions of the implementation and strengthen the management and technical innovation, thedevelopment of electronic;Four to the power of the government is to strengthen thesupervision and constraints, the construction of integrity, justice and law enforcement of thegovernment.About all, service in Public of government is the transformation of government functionsof the target type, is also promote our economic and social development. the fundamentalguarantee.
Keywords/Search Tags:governmental functions, service-oriented government, social administration, public service
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