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Software Development Project Management

Posted on:2006-10-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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It seems that in recent few decades the main approach of the people to promote the social productivity has been transformed from continuous repetitive manufacturing to a modern model which gives priority to the project management and project implementation activities. Nowadays, probably the most popular principle of the manufacture and management in many industrial fields such as software development has been turned into the project development and implementation. Therefore, this it can be said that this kind of management subject comes into being according to the increasingly demand of the large-scale social production and enormous project management.A noteworthy successful case for this is the cooperation with the software development. In the past it appears the software development is always regarded as high risk item for the reason of the low success rates. So for solving this problem people devote themselves to creating the new developing approaches and utilities which were more helpful to enhance success rate and improve the efficiency. Nevertheless, along with the software scale's extending, which means those key managing activities such as planning, corresponding, and controlling are more and more important, it seems clearly that the improving of the technology is not able to make the effect of the management. Therefore, from then on the idea of the project management begins to be introduced into the system of the software development and becomes one of the basic principles of it. However, it is obvious there are many differences between the traditional project development and the software development. That is to say the latter usually has many new characteristics that the anterior has not and could not be satisfied or solved by the traditional way. Thus, it is very important for the project management to apply the necessary management theories special for the software development appropriately and neatly.So, the main purpose of this article is to discuss the way to choose the proper project management methods for the software development activity. It will bedivided into three main parts.Firstly, it will look at the system-central planning approach in detail. At the beginning it will be made out through in-depth analysis and on the basis of this relatively steady structure the development plan will be decided. The advantage of this approach is that this kind of strategy is mainly based on the system structure and the budgetary estimate produced by group members, which may be accepted and adopted more easily. At the result, the project manager and the software programmer will get more chance to concentrate on inspecting the rate of the progress and solve some inevitably problems beyond the project.It is widely agreed that the key stage of any software development project is the implementation. This may be defined as the process of performing the plans and realizing the ultimate aim. So, in order to achieve this goal, the implementation, which can be defined as comparing the position of the project with where it should be and adopting correcting when some unknown warps occur, should be controlled very well. A mature method for evaluating the progress is the difference analysis / earned value analysis. This mainly deal with describing the position by measuring three aspects: what should be done, what have already been done and the whole cost for doing all of these. Accordingly, by means of this the project manager will be able to survey the progress and correct the warps in time. Therefore, these details will be discussed in the second part.As mentioned before, the software development project has many new features. Examples of this are separating the whole product into many components and the relationship exists between each of these components, coexistence of the different versions, and can be run on different platforms. This decides the importance of some necessarily configuration and management to the project. These configuration and management can be defined as a special process of identifying and defining...
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