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Chinese Enterprises Supply Chain Management Theory And Practice Of Research

Posted on:2006-07-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360152488145Subject:Business management
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Supply chain management is the innovation of managerial concept. This managerial mode was sprung up in 20th 90's, and was extensively used in the west countries and brought remarkable achievement. Martin. Christopher, an English famous supply chain expert, wrote in his book "There are only supply chains but not businesses" and "the competence is not among businesses but among supply chains in 21th century". In recent years, our country's scholars have made great progress in the research of supply chain, but there have being many difficulties in the businesses to apply this theory. The purpose of writing this paper is to probe how to structure our country's supply chain management system successfully.In the first chapter, this paper discusses the produce background and development environment of supply chain management .This paper thinks supply chain management is the indispensable means for the development of modern businesses. Then the concepts of supply chain and supply chain management are deeply discussed and system idea, cooperating idea, and win-win idea are thought the most important ideas of supply chain management and the great significance is demonstrated bringing to the businesses which put the theory of supply chain management into efect. In the second chapter, this paper deeply analyzed some key elements (supply chain strategic partnership, business process reengineering, core competence, information technology) for structuring supply chain management. In the third chapter, some international successful cases of supply chain management are cited and analyzed. On the basis of these, this paper goes into the last part which being the most important and having many innovations part: analysis of the major difficulties and counter measures. In this part this paper using system theory deeply analyze supply chain system's element- enterprise, system's structure- space structure and time structure, system's environment- government and market. This paper finds major problems in these three aspects and also gives some counter measures. We hope those measures can promote the development of our country'ssupply chain management.
Keywords/Search Tags:supply chain, supply chain management, business process Reengineenng, core competence, Outsourcing, system
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