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Research On Logistics Outsourcing Under Supply Chain Management Conditions

Posted on:2005-01-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z B LouFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360122487893Subject:Business Administration
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Nowadays, logistics outsourcing scale in China has improved to some certain extent, but compared with developed countries, the proportion of logistics outsourcing is still small and logistics suppliers' service are not to enterprises' satisfaction. Currently, research on logistics outsourcing at home and abroad is quite limited in number, most research centers on extended corporation, core competence, third party logistics and etc., which does not apply to logistics outsourcing.In this thesis, the author applies supply chain management and logistics management theories approach to the particular situation in China and adopts both qualitative and quantitative analytical methods to implement a systematic research on China's logistics outsourcing situation. Also, in the thesis, concrete suggestions are put forward for facilitating Chinese enterprises' logistics outsourcing and making scientific decisions in their outsourcing activities, where the theoretical and practical significance of the thesis lies in.First, the thesis introduces the overall situation of logistics outsourcing, stating some subjects in detail, such as logistics management, reasons for enterprises' logistics outsourcing, third party logistics and fourth party logistics. Then, the author introduces major theories of supply chain management and uses them, especially enterprise core competence theory, to launch a theoretical analysis about logistics outsourcing, pointing out that logistics outsourcing implies supply chain management idea, and is a good example of its application. On the theoretical bases, the author carries out a research on enterprises' outsourcing decisions, originally stating the flow of making logistics insourcing/outsourcing decisions and explains how to use analytic hierarchy process to select a logistics service supplier. The author analyzes key factors influencing logistics outsourcing decisions, such as core competence, logistics service quality, logistics cost, cultural compatibility of enterprises and cooperation between firms, stating in detail the method of how to determine the quality of logistics service and logistics costs. Finally, the author looks into current situation of logistics outsourcing in China, pointing out factors restricting its development and provides suggestions and right treatment.
Keywords/Search Tags:Logistics outsourcing, Supply chain management, Core competence, Third party logistics
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