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Shangsi Festival Minority "march 3" Festival Culture Comparative Study

Posted on:2006-11-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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This paper consults a big deal of related documents and carries out field survey. Based on such hard work, it select "Shangsi" Festival of ancient Central Plains and the festival of "Sanyuesan" of the minority nationalities as the comparative objects of study. The visual angle is original belief of witchcraft. The entrance is the unscrambled convention. It uses functional analysis, text analysis, and comparative study etc. It integrates other related subjects: exegetics, anthropology and ancient literature. Then it analyzes the two objects' meaning of essence and function of belief. It helps us to recognize the deep beliefs and plenty cultural intension, which hide in the conventional festival. Through comparison, it reveals the sameness, difference, inherence, and changes of "Shangsi" and "Sanyuesan". It tries to comprehend the contrail and law of the festival culture's development and evolution. Furthermore, it wants to uncover the reasons for the disappearance of "Shangsi" and the inherence of "Sanyuesan". It analyzes wholly and reasonably the two subjects' relationship.This paper comprises three parts: introduction, main body andconclusion.The introduction tells us about the aim, the meaning of this topicselected and related general study situation at home and abroad. It alsointroduces objects and method of study.The main body is composed of three chapters. Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 take up the selection of time, the convention, the essential meaning, and the changes of "Shangsi" and "Sanyuesan". In Chapter 2, it choose the case of field survey-the Firecracker Festival of Fulu ,as the example to support its arguments.On the basis of analysis of the former chapters, Chapter 3 gives us some reasons that cause the disappearance of "Shangsi" and the inherence of "Sanyuesan" through the comparisons of "Shangsi"and "Sanyuesan".Through comparison, "Shangsi" and "Sanyuesan" are the same at the time. The themes of their convention are marriage, love and children's birth, with the backing of witchcraft, sacrifice and belief. They are the same festival in character and essence. Their differences are the specific forms of customs. The similarities of the two festivals come from the factors, such as the common belief of witchcraft, taboo of sex, and institution of group marriage institution and so on, and they are restricted by law of agricultural production. At the same time, it is influenced each other by cultural exchange. The appearance of differences because that every nationality has its own expression of character and feeling. They are also affected by natural environment of the region, specialty of economic living and evolution of social living. While the disappearance of "Shangsi" and the inherence of "Sanyuesan" are caused by the unbalance of development stage according to different ethnic and the conditions' limitation of variation of folk-customs. Italso gets impact from the emergence of Chinese characters.Through analysis and comparative study above, the author reaches three conclusions.1. About the relationship of "Shangsi" and "Sanyuesan", the author thinks that they are the similar phenomenon of festival folk-custom at the same development stage of society. They are the similar festival's culture coming into being among the process of different nationality's course of history. Their similarities come from the spontaneous needs and cultural exchange each other. It is formed by multi-factors.2. "Shangsi" and "Sanyuesan" are the similar festival of folk-custom at the same stage of social development. The inherence of the minority nationalities' festival "Sanyuesan" can provide illumination and reference for the study of "Shangsi" since it disappeared. It also offers the approaches to understand history. It has important value of cultural history. So it is very important how to protect and utilize "Sanyuesan".3. The naissance and development of folk-custom of festivals are limited by the social productivity and material standard of living.
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