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The Research On Festival Fashion Of Youth In Contemporary China

Posted on:2015-07-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Contemporarily, with the opening of social culture, the development of various youth fashion is over people’s imagination. More young people join in the fashion of festival celebration, due to their increase demands for fashion. Some social critics point out that youth become subservient to foreign festivals while ignore the traditional festivals of China. In fact, numerous festivals attract the attention of young people. As an international city, Shanghai has been a center of culture integration for all kinds of fashion. Thus, based on the sociology theory of fashion, the research attempts to study the youth festival behavior and its social effects, and tries to break through the opposite perspective of China and Western Festival culture. The framework of this article is as followed, narrating the phenomenon of festival fashion among the youth and its characteristics and manifesting the inner logics. Besides, the analysis of the functions of festival fashion is included. Starting from describing the background, present situation and characteristics of the youth fashion phenomenon, this article is to further explore the psychological and behavioral logics of youth festival fashion, on the basis of which the positive and the negative functions of festival fashion will be analyzed objectively.With the research methods of interview, questionnaire survey and participatory observation and other methods, this study describes and analyzes the sociology of youth festival fashion phenomenon. First of all, the produce of this new phenomenon of the youth festival fashion has comprehensive backgrounds. Currently, the festivals become more diverse. The fashion groups tend to be younger and their features of festival fashion turn out to be recreational, social and technically reproducible. Secondly, the theory of fashion is referred in this paper to deeply interpret and analyze the psychological and behavioral logics of youth festival fashion among the young people. Thirdly, the youth festival fashion phenomenon has the function of cohesion and revelry. Moreover, the integration of these two mechanisms meets the demand of social culture of the youth. But some possible negative tendencies of youth festival fashion, such as blind consumption and festival culture generalization must be foreseen and concerned. Finally, this article carries out the summary and the reflection on the basis of objective analysis, and mainly discusses the cultural complementation, cultural consciousness and sustainable development of the youth festival fashion from the perspective of fashion.The article shows that conformity, difference and addiction to new things constitute the psychological mechanism of youth festival fashion in the transformation of modern society. Youth festival fashion behavioral logic includes symbolic consumption, fashion festival behavior, identity "Duplicity", highly media and festival framework localization. These inner psychological of vogue and behavioral logic essentially reflects that the social culture is becoming diversified. On the basis of objective knowledge of the youth festival fashion, this thesis attempt to grasp the law of development and strengthen the cultural consciousness and reflection.
Keywords/Search Tags:Youth, Festival Fashion, Fashion Psychology, Behavior Logic, Functional Analysis
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