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Perspective Of European Political Integration Under The Eu Constitution Treaty Analysis

Posted on:2007-10-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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From European Coal and Steel Community established in 1952 to today, the European Union has experienced a history of more than 50 years. Nowadays, the European Community has already changed from a economic community to a economic and political one, and the European integration appears an unprecedented situation: the total number of member states has sharply increased to 25, the population has rapidly reached to 0.455 billion and the area has risen from 32 million kilometer square to more than 40 kilometer square.However, a problem that can not be neglected is confronted with us. The economic integration of European Union has already reached to a deep extent, but the road of political integration is far behind the economic integration. What's more, the countless documents and regulations signed during the development of European Union can not better solve some of the newly-risen problems. Some of them are repetitious, leading to the low efficiency of existed institutions and policy-decision regime.So revolving around "whether European Union needs a constitution?" a hot debate has been carried on. In May, 2000, the German foreign minister's remarks have formally put this issue on agenda. This article tries to analyze the European Union Constitution from the perspective of European political integration.The first part of this article simply reviews the process of European Union integration, pointing out that the main problem of European Union now is the relatively backward European political integration, and then analyzes the problems existed in the process of European political integration.The second part studies the character of European Union Constitution, and summarizes the main content In conclusion, European Union Constitution has double attributes: a constitution and an international treaty.Then I try to explore the function played by European Union Constitution in the perspective of European political integration. First, the European Union Constitution reinforces the European Union position on the world stage, and it supplies a law order in the level of European Union. Second, it promotes the working efficiency of European Union.
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