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Yangtze River In Jiangsu Is Applicable Maritime Laws And Regulations

Posted on:2007-06-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C J SunFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360212455669Subject:International Law
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In 2004, the Ministry of Communications of the P.R.C has already listed Nantong harbor, Suzhou harbor, Zhenjiang harbor, Nanking harbor of Jiangsu section in Yangtze River as circumlittoral main port. In China Jiangsu section in Yangtze River has the best economic value in inland shipping industry in the route characteristic, in navigation rule, etc. The characteristics of navigation lines and rules of navigation of Jiangsu section in Yangtze River resemble the navigation characteristics on sea. Under the circumstances that ships now navigating in Jiangsu Section of Yangtze River are mainly engaged in inland water navigation, the research should be strengthened in law application and should be considered with discretion that maritime administration should be implemented in accordance with the legal system for on-sea navigation, although such legal system has already been applied to the administration of ports and port coastlines.This article starts with No.5 and No.29 announcement of the Ministry of Communications in 2004. The author gets tightly hold of the natural attribute and maritime administration of Jiangsu section in Yangtze River. The author also compares management law of Inland River with that of navigation on sea in China as well as that of similar rivers in foreign countries. The author makes use of relative jurisprudence theories to explore how to apply the maritime management in Jiangsu section in Yangtze River.In addition to the preface and the conclusion, this article is divided into four parts to discuss.Part I discusses the necessity that Jiangsu section in Yangtze River water applies the maritime management law. This part firstly analyzes the quantity of freight and the quantities both of the inland river ships and the sea-going ships navigating in Jiangsu section in Yangtze River water respectively. It analyses...
Keywords/Search Tags:maritime management, law application, Inland water
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