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Study On The Reform Of Inland Maritime Management Under The Background Of Streamlining Administration And Delegating Power

Posted on:2019-06-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z W LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2416330575494809Subject:Public administration
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With the the state administrative system reform continuously deepening,streamlining administration and delegating power has become the only way for the reform of government departments.Our inland maritime management institutions,especially the Yangtze River Maritime Administration,have also undergone many organizational restructuring.The law enforcement model has gradually changed to highlight the main line of on-site supervision and pays attention to supervision during and after the event.In 2016,the Yangtze River Maritime Administration implemented comprehensive law enforcement on the Yangtze River from Chongqing to Liuhekou of Jiangsu Province,taking on the responsibilities of on-site law enforcement for maritime affairs,navigation channels,and communications,and establishing a streamlined,unified,and efficient administrative law enforcement system for the Yangtze River Route.However,with the constant adjustment of the social and economic distribution and the transformation to the export-oriented economy,the current maritime management model is still far from the aim of realizing comprehensive law enforcement of the Yangtze River to a national level,and it cannot completely meet the needs of economic and social development under the new situation.Therefore,the reform of the maritime management system is extremely urgent.This article takes The Research on the Reform of Inland Maritime Management under the Background of Streamlining Administration and Delegating Power as its theme.Taking the Yangtze River Maritime Administration as an example,it takes the status quo of China's maritime management as an entry point,and uses related theories of government regulation,government reengineering,and administrative system reform as background,points out the problems and difficulties in the process of the development of the maritime management in the Yangtze River in China.The management experience of developed maritime countries is for reference,using comparative research methods,literature contrast,and summary and analysis methods to provide instructional advice on the possible direction of the future reforms of the maritime management of the Yangtze River under the background of streamlining administration and delegating power.The framework of the thesis and its main contents are as follows:Chapter 1,Introduction.It introduces the causes,purpose,and practical significance of the reform of the inland maritime management system,and comprehensively elaborates the results,research strategy and methods at home and abroad.Chapter 2 defines the concept of decentralization,maritime management,and inland maritime management,and elaborates the theoretical basis.The third chapter analyzes the status quo of China's Yangtze River maritime management model under the background of streamlining administration and delegating power,and deduces the necessity of the maritime management reform from the current problems and causes in maritime management.Chapter 4 analyzes the experience of maritime administrative agencies in foreign countries and other domestic departments,and their advanced experience and enlightenment as references to our reform.Chapter 5 proposes the countermeasures to promote the reform of China's inland water administration after streamlining administration and delegating power,and hopes that these ideas can provide a reference for the reform of China's inland water administration and improve China's maritime management capabilities to adapt to the requirements of the new situation.
Keywords/Search Tags:Streamline administration and Delegate power, Maritime management, Administrative reform
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