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Fuzzy Multiple Attribute Decision Making And Its Application In Operational Command

Posted on:2007-12-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H F SongFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360212460771Subject:Optical Engineering
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Battle decision-making is related with the knowledge of decision-maker and their possessed information. In addition, decision method affects the results. As battle decision-making needs to consider many attributes and much fuzzy information is included, FMADM (Fuzzy Multi-Attributes Decision Making) methods are used for studying battle decision-making.Based on concepts of fuzzy numbers, fuzzy sets and fuzzy closeness, ranking methods of fuzzy numbers FMADM, especially the F-SAW method and TOPSIS method, are studied in this paper.Threat evaluation (TE), weapon assignment (WA) and weapon disposition (WD, position selection for defense weapon) are important in BM/C~3I. They affect weapon efficiency and can determine the result of battle, sometimes.Based on FMADM, this paper studies decision making for several fire units constituted Of new anti-air weapon. For tactical air attacking targets f enemy, six attributes that affect the value of TE are proposed. TE models are established. Ranking of threat is calculated using ranking methods of fuzzy numbers for several typical tactical targets. Weapon's coverage area is presented. According to several different fire units, 3D sketch maps are drawn using MATLAB. Aimed at maximizing probability of kill and minimizing threat, WA models are proposed.Nowadays, space threat is attracting more and more attention. Meanwhile, new types of weapons are coming forth and attacking space targets is coming into possibility. Position selection for Anti-Space Weapon is studied in this paper.In order to select optimal defense position, factors that affect weapon's efficiency and work probability are considered synthetically. Factors that affect battle efficiency are fought out by consulting experts. Then rank and quantitate these factors. After this, calculate closeness with ideal solution. Weapon position is selected according to the closeness.A Selection positions for observing several space objects are studied. Algorithm is proposed for calculating region that is suitable for observing space objects. Based on the algorithm, application is designed. Three main factors that affect the result are considered. Minimum observation elevations, period of observation time, numbers of observable space objects are adjustable. Experimental results show that positions that the application exported are satisfactory.
Keywords/Search Tags:FMADM, threat evaluation, weapon assignment, position selection
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