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Construction Of Rural Democracy In The Context Of The New Rural Construction "new Ways

Posted on:2008-09-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The election system of Villagers' Autonomy which has been held formally in our country for 10 years, is the unprecedented undertaking of our village democracy development, and it has already developed a function for social stability. It eased the control cost of the moderation of government and grass-roots political power unit consumedly, and for the assurance of the great environment of democracy, government only needs to support democracy election order, punish the illegal election activity, and various democracy decisions can all be carried on by the villagers under the independent autonomy. In the meantime, this system has strengthen the villagers' consciousness for the law and democracy continuously and farmers begin to pay attention to the political benefits of oneself and all village people closely, and they show a new feature of the village social politics by extensive participation. However, along with the thorough of the reform of the social economic system which is based on market economy, some hard nuts to crack continuously appear, become the bottleneck of the democracy progress, and make many difficulties for the development of village democracy further and deeply. This makes it more important, which is to transfer large farmers' enthusiasm, initiative and creativeness better, extend the village grass-roots democracy, explore and perfect new path for village democracy construction.Therefore, the author selected Lvshun District of Dalian where he worked for years as the breakthrough of the research, took the typical model cases in late village party organization and the ninth new term election in Rural Villagers' Committee for example, carried on analysis of the present condition of village grass-roots democracy in this area, found out many realistic problems, characteristics and regulations in our village democracy construction process, analyzed the deep reasons of existing problems and several important relations which should be handled well, expounded the necessity and future basic tendency of the democracy construction of our country village on theories, discussed the new pass of village grass-roots democracy construction under the background of "new village construction" in our country, combining examples from the people's angle, government function transformation's angle, economy development's angle, system perfection's angle, and strengthening basic level organization construction's angle.This article used the style of investigation report, and the author investigated in villages, participated in the election on site, carried on random sampling to the villagers and obtained detailed and truthful data. Through the substantial evidence analysis, combing the theories of public management and public policy etc, the author expounded systematically, carried on the combination of the on-the -spot investigation and the theory analysis. This article is both the exploration and try for the village grass-roots democracy construction in our country under the background "new village construction", and the reviewing and pondering of the village grass-roots democracy construction work for the writer and his colleagues in the last five years.
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