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Flames Women Road: Anti-japanese Base Women's Movement Study

Posted on:2009-08-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206360242993678Subject:China's modern history
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History is nation's memory. During The Sino-Japanese War, the Chinese woman movement starts the high tide once more. The women's movement of the base area of Resistance against Japan becomes a luminescent spot of this time women's movement, it becomes a milestone of which the Communist Party of China lead the women's movement. Combing the women's movement of this time macroscopically, clearing off its intrinsic development vein, and making appraisal to the women's movement of this time has far-reaching significance to Women's Movement today beyond doubt.This full article divides into six parts together:Preface part, focuses on the significance of selecting this topic and the current research situation,limits related concept.Part one, emphasizes the background of Women's Movement in anti-Japanese base areas. The extensive rural area woman is in the position being oppressed, suffers especially extremely serious. The Japanese army's atrocity had aggravated woman's suffering. The Communist Party of China's Women's Movement policies and practices in early phase is in anti-Japanese base area Women's Movement had accumulated precious experience with practice.The second part focuses on the development of the women's movement. With the development of Sino-Japanese War and the leadership of CPC's policies on women's movement experienced three stages which are rise, development and climax.The third part focuses on the great achievements of the women's movement in anti-Japanese base. During Anti-Japanese War period, the women of the base area have made tremendous contributions to the victory for the War of Resistance Against Japan. At the same time, women in their own liberation on the road have taken a welcome step.The fourth Part emphasizes the valuation of being in progress to anti-Japanese base area's Women's Movement. Anti-Japanese base area Women's Movement is a part of Anti-Japanese War period Chinese Women's Movement .ingredient. In this momentary scheduled time, base area's Women's Movement became an example of the whole nation Women's Movement, and it also became a upper milestone of Women's Movement history led by Communist Party of China. History inspects and appraises the field being in progress to the person basing on facts, have very important practical or immediate significance and far-reaching historical significance.The concluding remarks part, assumes a simple summary to the main body of this article, and it points out that today's Women's Movement should be guided by important thought of the"three represents", we also should hold highly socialism great banner with Chinese characteristics. Knowing the Women's Movement development law, we can push forward to the new period Women's Movement's development and innovation.
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