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A Study On The Cultural Construction And Experience Of Yimeng Anti - Japanese Base Area

Posted on:2016-03-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206330464961549Subject:Chinese Communist Party
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Nowadays,the cultural strength has become an important aspect of the overall strength of each country.As an important historical project in the process of modern Chinese revolution,culture construction plays an very important role.In the 1930 s and 1940 s,with the establishment of the Yi meng anti-Japanese area and the development of the anti-Japan democratic political,the culture construction was also developed under the leadership of the Communist Party of China,people of Yi meng created a lot of typical practice and got valuable experience in the process of the culture construction.The paper consists of instruction,text and peroration.The instruction mainly discuss the former review of the anti-base culture construction.The test has been divided into four parts:The first part is the backgrounds and process of the Yi meng anti-Japanese base culture construction,introduces some environment and development course that the base faced after the war broken out especially the base founded,concluding the necessity and the advantage of the culture construction,Its our party to mobilize the people’s enthusiasm and insisted on the need of long-term war behind enemy lines; Secondly, describes the development process of base cultural construction, and depending on the various periods of the central task and development characteristics, in turn divided into infancy( 1932-1939), stage of development( 1940-1942) and flourished phase( 1943-1945), analyzing the culture characters of each stage.The second part is the specific practice of the Yi meng anti-Japanese base culture construction.It is the center of the paper.,mainly analyze on three aspects.Firstly,talk from the base established to the culture of leadership and organization;secondly,explore the cultural policy,pointing out that the development of war-time cultural work and cultural policies were launched around the war for war propaganda services;thirdly is mainly discuss the specific aspects of education, journalism, publishing, art and propaganda related cultural construction practice.The third part is the basic features and the history role of the Yimeng anti-Japanese base culture construction.Summarize the located features of the culture construction,pointing out that the culture construction of Yi-meng base has the common characters, but also with regional color, culture construction played an important role in the consolidation base, repulsed the enemy culture attack, enlighten the mind of people, trained the party and government cadres, improved the social climate and other aspects of breeding Spirits.The fourth part is the main experience and inspiration.Summarize the main experience of the culture construction,gaining with the current context of deepening the reform and building a socialist cultural power, describes the launch base for the current culture of the Enlightenment culture.The last part of the paper is summarizations and conclusions. Combined with the current reality of cultural development, in order to arouse people’s attention to the culture construction.
Keywords/Search Tags:Anti-Japanese period, Yi meng anti-Japanese base, culture construction, experience and inspiration
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