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Operation Of Comprehensive Administrative Service Center Effectiveness Study

Posted on:2009-05-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W W TaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360272984803Subject:Administrative Management
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From 1999 onwards, at least 14 provinces and hundreds of cities of the country have established "one-stop" colligate administration service centres. The 17th Chinese Communist Party Congress report has pointed out: "speed up the reform of the administrative system, building a service-oriented government." The development of China's administrative services is efforts of creating government management mode at all levels of local governments ,and of creating a seamless service government.As a reform pilot of the administrative system in Beijing ,in 2004 Huairou District of Beijing set up colligate administration service centre, to begin the inter-departmental parallel processing system. In this paper, institutions,operational mechanism, and operational characteristics of the colligate administrative service centre of Huairou District of Beijing, were explained, summed up the colligate administrative service centre of Huairou District of Beijing's effectiveness of the operation, including the promotion of efficiency of the government's work, change ways of the government work for citizens,providing high quality and efficient service.At the same time the service center encountered a series of challenges,and the administrative system of political checks and confusion is the fundamental causes of the problem. Finally, this paper from the political,regulatory and legal avenues proposed development proposal.Administrative service centre's development lies in the reform of the administrative system and the transformation of government functions.From the legal point, we should clear up origin of the organic law to complete its legislative work.To improve internal operating mechanism, improve the level of e-government development,and eliminate the "double management" is the key to develop management approach.Human history has turned the information society ,knowledge-based society chapter, the management and the environment in which things are being addressed by the increasingly complex, the national e-government reform is becoming an inevitable choice. One of the major conditions of effectively running of the inter-departmental parallel processing system is the e-government construction and improvement. Therefore, this paper intends to focus on the operation of e-government service to study the "Chief Supermarket" , which is encountering problem,and find solution. Finally this paper analysed the prospects of service centres and concluded "With the e-government development, colligate administrative service centres will enter the booming development stage, with a wide range of government services ways.'This is the significance of the study ,also the author's creative ideas.In the process of writing this paper, the authors used mainly field research methods and literature search methods.On one hand, the auther has been to Beijing Huairou colligate administrative service center to access the government documents and first-hand information.On the other hand,enter the National Library to find Chinese, Hong Kong and Taiwan, and foreign language books as well as newspapers,magazines in the reading room. At the same time, access to a wide range of digital technical literature databases, such as the China Journal Full-text database, and the Foreign ABI / ARL databases.I also use Internet search engines, such as google and Baidu.
Keywords/Search Tags:colligate administration service centre, effectiveness of the operation, encountered problems, development proposal
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