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France Established Diplomatic Relations In Algeria Factors

Posted on:2010-08-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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On January 27, 1964, the government of People's Republic of China and the Government of the French Fifth Republic announced the establishment of diplomatic relations in the form of joint communiqué. France became the first Western country establishing diplomatic relations at ambassadorial level with New China. The Western media referred the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and France to "A nuclear explosions of diplomacy".We have studied a lot on the event of establishment of Sino-French diplomatic relations, but the research on the factor of Algeria is not enough. This paper tries to proceed from this point of view to reveal its effects on the establishment of Sino-French diplomatic relations.It was not by chance to produce the factor of Algeria; it was caused by the difference between China and France foreign policy under the rising national liberation movement after Second World War. For this factor, China and France had a heated confrontation, even to interrupt the contact for normalizing Sino-French diplomatic relations. The"Evian Agreement"in March 1962 put the end to the Algerian war which created the condition for resolving the conflicts on this problem between China and France. China's right position on Algeria's national liberation movement has a significant impact on China's diplomacy. It also gives some inspirations for our today's foreign affaires.
Keywords/Search Tags:Algeria, the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and France, National liberation movements, Diplomatic negotiations
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