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Our Administrative Service Center Development Status And Path

Posted on:2011-09-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y WuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360305459426Subject:Administrative Management
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Administrative Service Center as new things for local government reform to explore the process of administrative examination, has become a local government innovation and operational mechanism of the integrated platform.In recent years, local government attaches great importance to the administrative service center construction, take it as an imporant measure for implementation of government affairs, improvement of economic development and the administrative efficiency. Therefore, the overall construction of the administrative service center to conduct research, carry forward for the previous research on the administrative services and further improve the existing building of the administrative service center will have some guidance and reference.In this paper, the theme of the research is the development status of administrative service center, baseded on new public management theory and cooperative governance theory, comprehensive use of literature study, research and empirical studies standardized combination of the basic methods, to Administrative Service Center on the development status of the overall analysis. Meanwhile, the combination of the administrative service center in Xi'an empirical analysis, trying to extract some summary of experience to draw on other areas for reference. By the overall analysis, the following conclusions:Administrative service center building service-oriented government as an effective carrier, in practice, achieved some results, However, local governments because of its spontaneity itself is the product of administrative reform, caused more prominent contradictions and problems, such as the functions of the orientation is not clear, the phenomenon of compartmentalization management present, service subject is single, citizen participation is not high.Therfore, administrative service center should further explore the development path. through ways such as clear positioning functions, change the traditional concept, mechanism for continuous innovation, improve external administrative environment, raise the level of e-government. promote its improvement and innovation.
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