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China's Administrative Services Center Construction And Development Studies

Posted on:2012-08-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W J LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2216330368989032Subject:Public Management
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Administrative Service Center of China is important support for administrative reform. It is the transformation of government functions, the implementation of administrative approval system reform, and promote open government, improve the investment environment, improve efficiency, enhance service awareness, to facilitate the masses, the prevention of corruption has played a positive role. Therefore, In this paper, the construction of the administrative service center for research and development, Contribute to inherit and carry forward the Administrative Service Center of research results, On improving the administrative service center to provide a theoretical and practical orientation.In this paper, the construction of administrative and service center for the development of research topics. New public management theory and the new theory as the theoretical basis of public services, The use of induction literature, the actual research method, empirical analysis and other methods, Administrative Service Center of China's construction and development were analyzed. Xi'an three government services to the network, for example, Administrative services for the construction and development center to conduct empirical research, Find an administrative service center problems, Analyze the reasons, Proposed the development of countermeasures Administrative Service Center. Through research, This paper argues that: Administrative Service Center achieved some success, as a service-oriented government an important carrier. But because it was a government initiative, top-down and try to explore. there have been many problems in the course of the operation, Such as fragmented management,monopoly service principal,limited range of services,low awareness of services. Public satisfaction and Participation is not high. Therefore, we must adhere to the direction of development, improve the management mechanism, strengthen e-government, raise the level of information and Improve administrative service center.
Keywords/Search Tags:Administrative service center, Public service, Status, Development
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