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European Integration In The Eu Immigration Policy Research (1952-2004),

Posted on:2011-09-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206360308482604Subject:International politics
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The globalization is the internationalization and liberalization of the product, investment, finance and trade, as well as the process of the move, display and regroup of the capital, technology, and labor. With the development of the globalization, the connections among countries and regions are getting more and more intensive. The communications among economy, politics, culture and others are also becoming more and more frequent. The transnational personnel problems are getting involved in those communications. More and more, the immigration issue is becoming the hot spot of the international arena. The immigration issue, which having the very comprehensive scale, has very close relation to the people. This thesis is discussing the immigration problems by using the evolution of EU immigration policies as an example. In the current situation, as the main migratory destination, EU has the very serious immigration problem. As a coin has two sides, the immigrants not only make some contribution to the development to the economy, but also cost inconvenient facts, such as social, political, cultural and economical troubles. Because of the different situation in every state, the immigrant policies in each one are different. With the rapid movement of the EU integration, those countries are eager to hope that a common immigrant policy will be made.The thesis will use the evolution of the EU immigrant policy during 1952-2005 as an example. From the analysis, it will obtain some good experience, as well as learn some lessons from the EU immigrant policy. In the end, it will provide some good ideas to the countries or region which may face the immigrant issues.
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