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Drastic Changes In The Soviet Union And Eastern Europe's Political Party System In Eastern Europe And The Trend

Posted on:2011-06-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206360308962838Subject:Foreign political system
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The development of the Political party is one of the main targets to the country's politic development. It is also a close relationship to the economic;social-cultral and so on. During the 20 years(from 1990 to 2009), the modern Eastern European political parties have run to modernize, diversify, mature. And in Eastern Europe it gradually appeat to the unique characteristics of the local political party forms.Described the process of the development of political parties in Eastern Europe.The developing process is from turmoil to stability; from disorder to order; from confrontation to detente. Now the modern Eastern Europe parties's states can be summd up to a multi-party system, the rule of law, modernization, to meet the behavior parties. The modern Eastern Europe parties hard to find a suitable political suiting its region, which is base on the economic, social, and culturl.Describe the characteristics of the modern multi-party system of political parties in Eastern Europe. In power form, in Eastern Europe has unique style, it behaves in: multi-party coalition, small party in the election;the relationship between political parties and parliament, is shown as the " central point in parliament, competitive election". The party ideas is disregarding, more emphasis is the number of electoral votes and party policies; Political foundation is weak, due to various factors.It is deal with the causes and the trends to the characteristics of the modern Eastern Europe. There are internal and external reasons.They include geographical, ethnic and religious factors and regional factors and so on. Despite the development of Eastern Europe parties are going to meet more difficult, Multi-party system will continue to improve.The young parties in the future will find a suitable form to the particular countries.
Keywords/Search Tags:Eastern Europe, multi-party system and parliamentary system, leftist/rightist
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