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Research On Improving The Service Quality Of National Dream Education

Posted on:2016-05-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2207330482460968Subject:(professional degree in business administration)
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In recent years, the development of China’s educational training industry has bloomed. The educational institutions of various sizes popped up like mushrooms, some of them began with a great fanfare, and some shut silently. While the educational training industry got rapid expansion, these companies’ God, students and parents, had gradually advanced in their understanding of the educational training at the same time, service quality became a rather serious problem little by little. The service product of educational training industry that the customers want to get is just education and training. If the educational training institutions want the healthy development, they must control the good quality of themselves and truly regard to improve students’ability and quality as the essential starting point, the service quality of them not only restricts to the healthy development of the whole educational training industry, but also relates to the long-term development of each intra-industry training institutions. Therefore, how to implement management effectively in the educational training industry to improve the service quality so as to pass from mouth to mouth, it has become the key point that the educational training industry can survive and achieve sustainable development.In this paper, through using the theory of service quality management, combining with my work experience and various problems I had met in educational institutions, to analyze service quality management and try to discuss its influence on the whole educational institutions. Through researching the status and influence of GuoMeng education, it is to find the way of improving GuoMeng eucation’s service quality. Through the analysis of the above, it is hoped that it can provide a reference for other educational institutions to improve the quality of service.
Keywords/Search Tags:education services, service quality management, GuoMeng education
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