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Research On Service Quality Of Higher Vocational Education

Posted on:2010-11-21Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y J SongFull Text:PDF
GTID:1117360302495006Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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Quality is essential in the development of higher education. The quality of higher vocational education (HVE) has become a great concern with the rapid development of HVE in China and it is urgent to research on its objective evaluation. On the basis of the previous researches in HVE and service quality management at home and abroad, the dissertation, from the perspective of taking HVE as a kind of service, studies its concept, method and system of HVE service quality in China with the theory of higher education pedagogy, vocational pedagogy, systems theory and service management. The main contents are as follows:Initially, the dissertation probes the concept, reviews the development history and analyses the basic quality and the contemporary problem of HVE in China.In the second part, it begins with the exploration of the related domestic and international researches in service quality, the safeguard and evaluation of service quality of higher education. Then, from the service production concept, the higher vocational service concept and specialty, service quality concept, the dissertation puts forward the service quality concept of HVE integrated by accordance and applicability.Thirdly, following the successive studies of the evaluation method of HVE with the indexes of"accordance"and"applicability", the dissertation analyzes and comments on the two accordance-oriented quality service evaluation method (The evaluation of personnel training efficiency and ISO 9000 Quality System Certification) in the current practice. Then it expounds the necessities and the contents of constructing the quality attestation system of HVE service, analyzes the application of service quality"Gap Analysis Theory"in HVE and finally makes empirical research and data analysis in applying two indexes of SERVQUAL and SERVPERF in the service evaluation.Lastly, the dissertation elaborates the basic theories of Stakeholders and its application in higher education, and then it analyzes the stakeholders'components of HVE and puts forward a multiple assessment ideas based on the theories of stakeholder to provide research ideas and methods for reference in Qualitative and Quantitative Study of HVE Evaluation System.
Keywords/Search Tags:higher vocational education (HVE), education services, service quality, service evaluation
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