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A Study On The Employment Of Five - Year Students In Higher Vocational Colleges

Posted on:2016-06-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2207330482964729Subject:Public Management
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In the 21 st century, Chinese higher education has transformed from elite education to popular education, with continuous development and expansion of higher vocational education scale, the five-year higher vocational as an indispensable part of higher vocational education, has cultivated a large number of adapting talents. They played a positive role on management and service, production and construction in all walks of life. In the current situation, with continuous influence caused by the enrollment expansion of colleges and universities, the employment difficulty of collage graduates has become a focus of social public, especially the five-year higher vocational students’ employment issues are more serious. In order to further promote the healthy, orderly and moderately development of five-year higher vocational education, solve the employment as "key point" and "difficult point" questions effectively, this article focus on solve the employment issues about the five-year higher vocational. From the social level, the public to the five-year graduates do not have a high-level recognition at present stage, talent use mechanism of employer is still not sound yet and restricted by other factors. From the school level, in the process of the five-year higher vocational talents training is not well-targeted, employment practice and training is urgent to improve. From the student level, They can’t find their own target, because of three aspects of problems, so it is inevitable series of problems appeared in the process of higher vocational students’ employment. This article research the five-year higher vocational students’ employment problem base on the professional related theory, draw lessons from domestic colleges and vocational colleges, analysis the five-year higher vocational employment issue of Yichun Vocational College specifically. Through inductive research method and statistical research method, government, collage and students three perspectives, find out what five-year higher vocational students need and path on their employment issues, to ensure the smooth employment of graduates, and finally serve the community.
Keywords/Search Tags:Five-year higher vocational education, Applied talents, Employment policy
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