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From Single To Multi-- Education Financing Test

Posted on:2005-12-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y F JiangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2207360122493826Subject:Educational Economy and Management
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Educational financing is defined as a kind of positive activity about fund input in education, which is participated by many bodies on behalf of different beneficiaries from education. This activity efficiently collects fund for educational cause through flexible and various financial methods so as to optimize financial structure of education and promote the reform and development of education cause.To turn the analytical perspective from "Investing" to "Financing", it aims to explore the modern educational financing model, which is suitable for the market mechanism, to discover and make full use of the potential resources serving the development of educational cause. All these should be by the means of analysis of each educational financing body in modern many faceted society and the contrary among the relative financial methods. At first, to establish the educational financing conception is helpful to abandon the idea that education only depends on governmental supply, convincing move beneficiaries to participate the collecting activity of educational funds according to different beneficial features in educational activities, and providing much more potential resources for the development much more, especially, under the circumstances of the limited growth of financial educational funds and the low level of residents' income universally. Based on the market mechanism, the educational financing methods should be the new channels of the fund input in education later. Thirdly, contrast to the investing, financing attackes more importance to efficiency during the course of funds collecting. The process of funds input and output, organized by government, residents or educational institutions, still exist certain losses of cost and efficiency. The pure investing conception doesn't take account of these efficient losses. The choice and restructuring of financial methods, however, lay much more stress on the cost financing activity itself confronting with. Therefore, under the constraint on cost, financing conducting bodies will cull and compose the different financing methods again and again, so as to form the relatively efficient educational financing models. Forthly, the discussion of financing conception and financing activity is helpful to improve the environment of the fund mental system of education financing. The environment of fundamental system is a critical factor restraining the funds-collection for higher education. Only analyzing the educational financing methods systematically, can we find out the system barriers the educational financing facing with, and carry on relative reform in the aspects of educational cause. Secondly, financing conception emphasizes the originality of educational legislation and education administrative system reforming.The establishment of market economy system and the reform of education administrative system in our country make it feasible that establishing and implementing modern educational financing efficiency as its center, physically culling and composing various financing methods. The valid educational financing models, with smallest cost, invest the education with funds as many as possible. The introduction of market mechanism to educational financing activity provides the financing bodies with essential restraint ant stimulation, Not only realizing the financing goal of education, but also preventing the invalid configuration, Meanwhile, the development of market economy provides a space of pattern of creativity for educational financing. All of the financing bodies make the most of financial tools and products, to create and implement the new financing methods flexibly, and to finance the education from the capital market at home and broad.
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