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Study On The Financing Of Compulsory Education In Durbert County

Posted on:2020-10-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2427330611998590Subject:Public administration
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Compulsory education is a systematic project with a large amount of investment funds and a wide range of social influences.The development of compulsory education can not be separated from the financing of compulsory education.At present,there are problems such as distorted policy goals,insufficient participation of funding entities other than the government,and unclear responsibility for compulsory education financing.It is difficult to meet the rapid development of compulsory education and the educational needs of the masses.Most of the research on such issues is carried out from the perspective of pedagogy and economics.This article mainly studies the financing of compulsory education in Durbert county from the perspective of public management.This paper first expounds the theoretical basis of the study on the financing of compulsory education in Durbert County and establishes the theoretical analysis framework.On this basis,according to the investigation of the visit and several years of work contacts and knowledge of the Durbert County compulsory education financing problems are analyzed and sorted out,This paper analyzes the existing education financing in Durber County,such problems as the distortion of policy objectives,the lack of participation of non-government financing entities,and the lack of clear responsibility for the financing of compulsory education.It is concluded that self-serving behavior of government institutions,imperfect Intergovernmental financial relations,insufficient multi-financing capacity,and lack of compensation for education costs are the main reasons that lead to the financing of compulsory education in Durbert county.The financing of compulsory education in Durbert county has been difficult to meet the development of education.Aiming at the root of these problems,this paper puts forward the structure design and operation mechanism of compulsory education financing in Durbert county based on the experience of the domestic and international compulsory education financing.Finally,based on the central goal of meeting the needs of education development in Durbert County,we put forward measures tostandardize the government's responsibility for financing compulsory education,strengthen supervision and supervision over the financing of compulsory education,and improve the funding mechanism for diversified compulsory education.This has a certain practical reference value for solving the problems in the process of financing compulsory education in Durbert County.
Keywords/Search Tags:education, financing of education, education financing model
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