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Exploration Of Ethnic Minorities In Rural Areas, School-based Training

Posted on:2008-10-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2207360215483483Subject:Education Management
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National minority countryside area education as a result of historical and realistic reasons, foundation weak, qualified teachers short, education level of development low, in the process of advancing reforms of elementary education curriculum, it meets difficulty compared to other places more arduous, the problem appears correspondingly more , is also more incisive. Nation and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region attach importance to construction of the countryside area elementary and middle schools teacher troops, which promulgates policy request and support. Pointed out "must organize the pedagogical colleges and universities, the ordinary colleges and the teacher-training organizations, enlarges the countryside school, cities weak school teachers' training dynamics." "Helps the countryside schools, the weak schools in cities establish School-based Teacher Research system". This thesis is under such background. The countryside junior middle school teachers in the Guangxi Rongshui Miao Autonomous County are chosen as the research object. The utilization investigation methodology, the literature methodology, the comparison methodology etc. and many other kinds of methods, thoroughly investigated and studied the problems that exist in teachers'career development and training at present in Rongshui Miao Autonomous County . proposes School-based Teacher Research as the national minority countryside area teachers'career development effective way, and analyzes the related relations between School-based Teacher Research and teachers'career development, elaborates the necessity of developing School-based Teacher Research in countryside junior middle schools of Rongshui Miao Autonomous County ."Take school as origin","the teacher is the researcher" and "promotes the teacher career development" is the core idea in teachers'career development motion. Its source is must fundamentally change the teachers'passive position in "training" , prominent teacher's independent study and independent development. Advocated in close integration with school and the teacher reality, take school as the research development base, thus constructs to the national minority countryside area teacher troop has the value. In contrasts above the foundation which our country concerned scholars studies, the article thought that, The national minority countryside area development collated and corrected copy does research the goal should have direct and the level; The training content should have pointed and the actual effect, in the content choice should highlight the curriculum resources development consciousness and the ability, the education teaching ability, the education scientific research ability, the teacher occupational ethics tutelage and so on four big aspects; Does research the pattern to be supposed to appear suddenly the flexibility and may be operational, proposed studies independently enhances the pattern, the scientific research actuation pattern, the network does research the pattern and so on, and carries on thin to its operation link; The support program should have the together cooperation, inside and outside the school support program including the educational administration management support, the system support, the cultural support, the fund support, the technical support should cooperate together, can cause the collated and corrected copy to do research obtains continues to develop; Finally, proposed the appraisal valid question, the appraisal main body, the content, the appraisal organization which does research to the collated and corrected copy carries on elaborated and asks the urgent need solution question.
Keywords/Search Tags:Minority rural areas, Professional development of teachers, school-based educational research
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