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A Study On The Middle School Teachers’ Professional Development In Minority Areas Of Sichuan Province

Posted on:2017-05-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2297330503974227Subject:Principles of Education
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The 21 st century,which regard science technology and talents as the core elements of the society development. However, the progress of science technology and the cultivation of high-quality talents depends on the development of education,and the quality and level of education depends on teachers’ quality and proficiency. In this century, the development of teachers has become one of the focus of the whole society. In 2010, Chinese Ministry of Education promulgated the "Teachers Education Curriculum Standard(trial)", put the teacher professional development as the core of teachers’ education ideas, and clearly the "teacher professional development" as one of the teacher education curriculum. As a result, teachers’ professional development is critical to the development of Chinese education and the quality of talent, and also related to the teachers’ personal survival and quality of life.Our country is a multi-ethnic country. For a long time, the education of minority areas is the main point in our educational circle, and also a difficult point in education system. In order to improve the quality of education in the minority areas and realize the balanced development of education in our country, we must focus on improving the teachers’ professional development in the minority areas.This paper, based on the domestic and foreign relevant theory and research result of teachers’ professional development, summarized the concept and content of teachers’ professional development, and the particularity of teachers’ professional development in minority areas. Through the sampling survey for middle school teachers of minority areas which mainly in Ganzi, Aba and Liangshan state of Sichuan province, it was found that teachers have the following problems in the aspect of professional knowledge, professional ability, professional cordiality and self development: national emotion is not deep, teachers’ degree of satisfaction is not high;lack of professional knowledge; deficient professional ability, weak consciousness of teachers’ independent development. In order to solve these problems, the researcher analyzed the factors affected teachers’ professional development from the aspects of teachers, schools,the forms of teachers training and governments.Finally, this research probed into the strategies to promote the development of middle school teachers’ profession in Sichuan province minority areas: first, the teachers should set up the consciousness of self development, formulate a reasonable career development planning, improve the professional knowledge structure, personal professional ability, and teachers’ national emotion; Second, the schools should actively create a advantageous environment for teachers’ professional development,pay attention to the nationality, culture, satisfaction of teacher’s professional development; third, changing the teachers training ways, and establishing teacher professional development model for minority areas;Forth, improving teachers’ professional development support system in minority regions under the help of the government.
Keywords/Search Tags:Minority areas, Middle school teachers, Professional development
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