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A Study On The Strategy Of "Internet +" In China 's Insurance Industry

Posted on:2017-03-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In the second session of the Third Session of the NPC held in March 2015, the Prime Minister Li Keqiang, first proposed the "Internet +" action plan in the government work report. "Internet +" strategy proposed mining exploration behavior of the insurance industry is of great significance and market position. Then August 17, 2015, China Insurance Association released "2014 Internet Insurance industry report" shows that in 2014 China’s Internet insurance business income of up to 85.89 billion yuan, compared with 2011, improved 26 times, becoming the important factors stimulating premium growth. In addition, with the recent "Internet +" and suggested a number of insurance companies have started to enter the field of mobile Internet terminals, Insurance launched mobile App. Currently on the insurance market more than 60 insurance companies, almost all "Internet +" field of a breakthrough. So in the current "Internet +" in the background, my insurance company how to choose their own development model characteristics has become a question worth considering.This paper consists of five parts, the first part is an introduction, from both the perspective of domestic and foreign research present situation, the main content and research methods, as well as innovations and features of this article. The second part is about the "Internet +" the basic theoretical analysis, starting with the "Internet +" meaning and background of the proposed extraction connotation "Internet + insurance", and from the three levels of the connotation of "Internet + insurance" to define, followed by another set forth in the new era "Internet + insurance" features. Followed by the foundation of China’s "Internet + insurance" Development of the presentation, highlighting the current China’s "Internet + insurance" official network mode, network agents and industry, third-party electronic business platform and other operating modes. The third part analyzes the factors that influence the development of our country, "Internet + insurance" policy, economic, social, technological and environmental advantages and disadvantages as well as opportunities for development and other threats through SWOT and PEST model model. The fourth part analyzes the current China’s "Internet + insurance" exists individual innovative insurance contrary to the nature of the insurance and legal issues. The fifth part is given of the development of the insurance industry "Internet +" countermeasures and suggestions.
Keywords/Search Tags:"Internet +", "Internet + insurance", the mobile Internet, big data
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