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Research On The Development Of Software And Information Technology Service Industry In Yangzhou City

Posted on:2017-03-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2209330488495069Subject:Public Administration
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China’s central and local governments have introduced a series of special policies to encourage the software and information technology services Since 2000. The effectiveness of policies becomes more and more obvious, The software and information technology service come into the prosperously developing "Golden Times". However, in the process of development, some problems appear such as the industrial homogeneity competition, talent shortage, small scale, low efficiency of industrial policy etc., which requires the serious study of the policy mechanism of local government, in order to find solutions to improve the program, to push forward the healthy and orderly development of software and information technology services.The government of Yangzhou is very clear that the software and information technology services, should be the "first priority" and encourages it to be the emerging industry of strategic. Under the influence of the supporting policy "the most resolute, the most professional, the most favorable", in 2014, the software and information services industry scale in Yangzhou upgraded to the sixth place in Jiangsu Province. It has theoretical significance to explore the path of innovation and development through the policy research of the development of industry in Yangzhou. Also, the policy experience of the development of software and information technology services industry in Yangzhou can be learned by the central and north cities in Jiangsu, which has practical significance. In this paper, the research object is the information industry base, which is the core park that Yangzhou city focus on. Through literature research method, questionnaire survey method, comparative analysis method as the main research path. This paper made the comprehensive evaluation on the effectiveness and utility of the current support software in Yangzhou, and the finance, investment, taxation, personnel, market regulation, intellectual property, technology incubation of information technology services industry policy. Ultimately the paper aims to provide suggestions to perfect the policy for local government to develop software and information technology services industry.This paper is divided into six parts. Among the paper, the first part introduces the background and significance of the topic, the domestic and foreign research status, content and methods, laying the foundation for the following. The second part introduces the related definitions of software and information technology services industry, the specific categories and theoretical research foundation. The third part introduces current development situation of the software and information technology services in Yangzhou, including the overall situation, the information industry base, the main support policy, policy implementation and effect of the policy. The fourth part introduces the main policy problems and causes of the development of the supporting industry in Yangzhou. The fifth part introduces the study of the experience and inspiration at home and abroad to develop the software and information technology service industry policy. The sixth part puts forward suggestions on the improvement of the development of software and information technology services industry policy in Yangzhou. To upgrade the policy, mainly from the four aspects of economic regulation, social management, market regulation, public service, key from the adjustment plan for the development of strategic positioning, and strengthen the financial and investment financing policy, improve market supervision and management policy, increase public service and technology incubation policy, modified talent introduction and training policies, establishment of co-ordination and learning mechanism of the six specific aspects of policies to improve.
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