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Development Strategies, University Of Science And Technology Park Based On The Food Chain Model Theory

Posted on:2007-12-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2209360185463574Subject:Business management
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As knowledge economy steps onto the historical stage and the innovative capability of a nation becomes the focus of the new turn of international competition, the governments of every country all over the world are looking for every chance to take a variety of measures to speed up the development of high-tech industry. As an effective way of speeding up the transfer of high-and-new technology, University Science Park is taking increasing attention both at home and abroad .It is strategic choice for us to construct University Science Park to strengthen the scientific innovation and industrialization. University Science Park is still neonatal in our country, which means there's no experience and model that can be referred to. So it is significant both in theory and practice to discuss systematically the construction and development of University Science Park in our country from a strategic perspective.On the basis of the theory of biological chain model, using many kinds of systematic analysis theories such as economics, systematic engineering, management, innovative incubation theory, combining qualitative with quantitative methods, and theory with demonstration research approach, the paper analyzes systematically a great deal of problems in our country that existed in the construction and development of University Science Park and finds out the corresponding countermeasures. Firstly, this paper analyzes some basic theories of University Science Park, including incubator theory, theory of growth poles, industrial clustering, and theory of technological innovation space spread; Secondly, this paper constructs a biological chain model of area in University Science Park, which can assimilate every part in University Science Park with biology of the nature. Those factors that have tremendous influence are active ones of University Science Park, which form "biological chain". If we master the rules of development and evolution mechanism of these active factors, we can master fundamentally the rules of development of University Science Park. Thirdly, on the basis of the model, analyzing those active factors, this paper analyzes the existing problems of development of University Science Park in our country and finds out the reasons. Finally from the point of development and overall principle, a series of strategic countermeasures have proposed from three aspects of government, University Science Park and University, and an innovation network of University Science Park is established. This paper shows that the foundation of the innovative network is mechanism of benign development of University Science Park in our country.
Keywords/Search Tags:University Science Park, biological chain model, technology innovation, venture capital
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