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Research On Risk Investment System Construction And Evaluation Of University Science Park

Posted on:2020-11-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y MengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2439330578477810Subject:Architecture and civil engineering
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As a financing method to provide financial support to start-ups and obtain shares in the company,venture capital plays an important role in promoting the rapid transformation of scientific and technological achievements into productivity and promoting technological innovation on a global scale.In recent years,some university science parks in China have introduced this mechanism,which has effectively promoted the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in universities and the development of innovation and entrepreneurship in high-tech enterprises.However,due to the short construction time of China's university science parks,the construction of venture capital system is not mature enough.How to improve the integration efficiency of university science parks and venture capital,and better serve the social economy and science and technology development is a subject of theoretical and practical significance.Through the research on the related theories of university science parks and venture capital,this paper firstly puts forward the necessity of introducing the risk investment mechanism and realizing the effective integration and integration of the university science parks.Combined with the analysis of the establishment and development process of the risk investment system of university science and technology parks at home and abroad,this paper addresses the issues of risk investment environment construction,diversification of investment entities and guarantee mechanism of venture capital funds in the development of venture capital investment in domestic university science parks.Through the factor analysis method,through the construction of the university science park risk investment evaluation system,the relevant data of 26 domestic university science parks collected were used to evaluate its risk financing ability,and a fuzzy comprehensive evaluation model of risk investment project risk was established.Combined with the case data of Tsinghua University Science Park,the fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method is used to analyze it.The conclusions drawn from the research papers:As policy makers and instructors,the government can open up a wider range of funding sources for venture capital;as a service platform,the University Science and Technology Park should seek opportunities for development and profitability for startups and venture capital institutions.Continuously improve the incubation service system and venture investment system to form a benign operation of incubation and venture capital investment;the construction of the venture investment system of the university science park should adopt different measures according to the different development stages of the venture enterprises,so as to realize the efficient use of risk funds.
Keywords/Search Tags:University Science Park, Incubator, venture capital
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