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The Research On Performance Influencing Factors Of Science And Technology Park Innovation In University

Posted on:2016-01-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2309330467492688Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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In recent years, with the full implementation of the strategy of “invigorating the countrythrough science, technology and education”, the role of knowledge innovation in the knowle--dge economy has become increasingly important.Accompanied by the cooperation develop--ment of university, industry and government, the university science and technology park hasgradually come into being as a new kind of economic organization.It has been developed rapi--dly in a short time, and it helps promoting regional innovation and stimulating local econom--ic development. At the same time, the university science and technology park has been heate--dly discussed by academia and industry. This essay satisfies the needs of innovation in the er--a, and has great theoretical and practical significance by studying the knowledge innovationperformance of university science and technology park.This paper adopts the method of combining theory and practice. First of all, through rea--ding a lot of relevant literature review, integrating the summary of relevant knowledge, thisessay points index system, builds the theoretical model and proposes hypotheses. The next,A--ccording to the index system and design assumptions and questionnaires, through figuring upthe descriptive statistics to results of the questionnaire, examining reliability and validity, thispaper verifying the reliability and validity of the questionnaire. Lastly, based on the results ofthe verification, doing regression analysis and correction by using Lisrel software model, thispaper verifies the hypothesis testing in the text.The empirical results shows, the main factors affecting the university science and techno--logy innovation park are human capital, capital investment, information technology, leaders- -hip behavior, incentives and support units. Starting from several factors, this paper proposesmeasurement and suggestions targeted increasing the university science and technology parkinnovation, and then sums up the inadequacies of the study, and outlooks the future research.
Keywords/Search Tags:The University Science and Technology Park, Knowledge Innovation System, Knowledge Management, Structural Equation Modeling
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