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Development Of Measurement Software For Portable Spectrometer And Spectral Analysis Methods Of Agronomic Parameters

Posted on:2012-03-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:N YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2212330338491453Subject:Control Science and Engineering
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Portable spectrometer can measure and preprocess spectral data of crops in real time from indoor and outdoor, to analyze crops'quality parameters. Spectral studies focused on determining relationship between crop agronomic parameters and spectral data, and establishing the spectral prediction model for agronomic parameters. Based on the development of spectrometer in domestic and international, this paper analyzed the needs of intelligent micro-spectrometer. Embedded system and spectrum analysis technique were applied in portable spectrometer, measurement operation software system was designed to meet easy operation and maintenance requirements. Obtained research results are as follows:Firstly, portable spectrometer's software measurement system was analyzed. With applications of spectrum analysis for crop parameters, the necessity for intellectualization of software was demonstrated. Based on embedded system of the spectrometer, selected QTE to design and develop software, achieve touch-screen's support for software, and make consequential changes to the file system.Secondly, the software architecture and human-computer interface software were designed for spectroscopy applications, and functions of spectral data acquisition, real-time display and a variety of data processing were achieved. The software met the basic needs for spectral analysis, realize intellectualization of spectrum collection.Thirdly, based on PC spectrometer data analysis system, including white board correction, baseline correction, spectral data denoising, was constructed; and different spectral denoising algorithms were compared. Datas from field experimental were processed in the system .In the algorithms research, for the signal characteristics of portable spectrometer, noisy signals were preprocessed using wavelet, wavelet packet and different threshold noise eliminating algorithm Simulation results indicate:the SNR of new threshold of wavelet packet algorithm increased to 37.5986, RMSE error reduced to 2.6104 .At the end, applications of spectral analysis technology for crop parameters were discussed, including the agronomic parameters,the theoretical basis and summary the research progress on inversion methods of Agronomy by spectral data, and the agronomy model was built by least squares method in empirical model.
Keywords/Search Tags:operating software of portable spectrometer, embedded Linux system, QT/Embedded, inversion method of Agronomy, wavelet packet algorithm
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