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Research And Design Of The Feeder Automation System Based On Recloser

Posted on:2013-02-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y YuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2212330371460858Subject:Motor and electrical appliances
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In recent years, intelligent electrical grid has become a hot topic of power industry and is considered to be a development model that changed the future of the power grid. Feeder automation is a very important part of the research of intelligent distribution grid technology. The function of feeder automation system is that monitoring of distribution, protection of distribution and treatment of feeder fault.This paper puts forward that fault treatment can be achieved through combination with local control way and the remote control way,feeder automation can be achieved through combinationg with reclose and remote host.In this way it is to adapt the demand for the development and the future development direction of electric power system.The main focus of this paper is to achieve feeder fault treatment and calculation and setting of values for relaying protection after distribution reconfiguration. It includes four design elements. First, design of improved recloser-recloser principle. Secondly, design of intelligent protection control in the FTU .Thirdly the communication network design between FTU and the master background, this paper uses GPRS wireless communication network. Finally, making use of C++ language to achieve the function of topology analysis technology in remote master satation,and to design the function of feeder fault handling and calculation and setting of value for relaying protection.Through the compare and analysis in traditional recloser-recloser principles,this paper proposed an improved recloser-reclose principle which have three types of switch with their own different protection logic that is mainline sectional switch,branch sectional switch and loop switch.This principle can simplify the process of protection value setting,shorten the blackout time,and improve the quality of power supply. According to the functional requirements of the switch in the different situation of voltage and current, this paper designed three protection programs that ensure switch can accurately and timely carry out the operation of open and close, thus improve the power supply reliability.Master satation background based on Mapinfo build distribution network model with graph theory,and search the model with breadthfirst way for topology analysis,thus realize the functiong of fault treatment and calculation and setting of values for relaying protection online.The system designed by this paper have some degree advanced and intelligent,certified in the practical application.
Keywords/Search Tags:feeder automation, FTU, fault treatment, calculation and setting of value for relaying protection
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