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The Research And Design Of Feeder Automation Model In Ben-xi

Posted on:2015-10-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y MingFull Text:PDF
GTID:2272330434457645Subject:Electrical engineering
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Since21st century, power system is developing faster and faster, with itscontinuous trend to the electrical network, and the research of intelligent distributionnetwork has received the researchers’ extensive attention. In the process of thedevelopment of power distribution automation system, the researchers graduallyrealize the importance of feeder automation system, and whether the distributionnetwork break down, the feeder automation system will monitor and protect thenetwork,after the fault is solved, feeder automation system will do the reconstructionof the network. FA is vital to improve power supply reliability, to reduce powersupply loses, and is the key of city distribution network construction andreconstruction.In this paper,we introduces the history, current state and the trend of FA inChina and other countries and discusses the meanings and background of suchresearch work. We also describe the basic functions, system configuration anddevelopment progress of FA. The principles, advantages and disadvantages of FAscheme in various is studied in this paper, and distributed intelligent mode,stair-step protection mode is presented. These two modes has their own advantagesincluding fault detection, fault diagnosis, fault isolation, and power restoring,which is fast and common. It has practical value.This paper has designed the communication network between the FeederTerminal Unit and the master station background, using the GPRS wirelesscommunication network technology. The hardware of FTU is designed in thispaper. The configuration and usage of FTU and the FA mode which FTU is fit foris also studied, which will be of help in the practice.The research achievement in this paper has been successfully supplied in thedistribution network of benxi city in LiaoNing province, and the result of operationin field has proved that the scheme presented in this paper is reasonable andreliable.
Keywords/Search Tags:Distribution automation, Feeder automation, FTU, communicationnetwork, Fault treatment
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