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Study On China International Responsibility As A Rising Power

Posted on:2012-05-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2216330338465345Subject:International politics
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Thanks to the opening-up reform and globalization, China is again walking on a rising path maintaining a good momentum. With rapid economic development and upgraded political civilization, China's international status has also significantly promoted. However, the international community holds different attitude towards China's emergence. Some see China as a threat while some believe China will soon be doomed. Nowadays, a new argument has become the hottest topic, "China's responsibility".For China, international obligation has been involved in the international relations with the world powers, the participation on international affairs and the hot issues etc. As the biggest developing country, China has received so many expectation from many other developing countries, and as an emerging great power, the western developed countries expect china to fulfill much more responsibilities.In this context, China's reaction is essential to her future growth. Research on this problem aims to solve the policy puzzle for China so that China's, even the world's development and peace are guaranteed.The researching object is details for China's international responsibility under emergency background. Five Ws imply the outlook of this research. Whether to take responsibilities, why so, to whom should China be responsible, do what things to be responsible, and in what ways to realize the responsibilities.This theoretical study and its conclusions are very helpful for China to practice properly in real international society so as to build a positive image which is responsible and willing to contribute. By doing so, China can join the mainstream international community with less cost and higher speed, which is also important to a harmonious world.One thing should be made clear that China has entered into a promising time with fruit to cultivate and obligations to disseminate. China needs to responsible for her people, for the world and for the future. China needs the world and the world also needs China.The conclusion of the research is that the most decent attitude for China towards the international responsibility problem should be accurate positioning, proper responsibility and ultimate motive to ensure peace and development for all.
Keywords/Search Tags:China Responsibility Theory, International Responsibility, Role Orientation, Peaceful Development
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